Singing day with Lisbeth Sandberg. Come and sing in a chourus and eat good food.
Start at 10.00, outside if its good weather.
First food service will be Char and then Västerbotten cheese cake. In the evning [...]

Kattilakoski restaurant is located 20 km north of Övertorneå, in Niskanpää, after road 99. Right to the restaurant the Torne river passes by and the nicest resting stop in Norrbotten.



It’s time for christmas food! Here in Kattilakoski we offer you a traditional Tornedalsk christmas buffé at these three days:

29/11 – kl 18:00
01/12 – kl 14:00
07/12 – kl 18:00

Price: 300kr, half price for children.

Call or send us an e-mail if you wan’t to book a table.




We arrange weddings here in the restaurant, you can either hire the whole restaurant with or without the sauna and savi or just have to food service. For the time, there is no price information on the webb. Best thing is to either call or send an e-mail with information on how many you are going to be, what you want to eat and how long do you want to stay in the restaurant.




Just the stairs up, above the kitchen we have a great place for conferences. Good space, nice view and a big 60″ TV-screen that can be hooked up to a computer. Have a conference/meeting upstairs with coffee, and come later dowstairs for a good dinner.

If you want to make a whole day of it you can hire the sauna and saavi with the relax room.

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